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hi how r u


By toolmaster300 at 2010-10-14 00:40:42
A reamer is a metalworking tool used to create an accurate sized hole. The process is called reaming. They may be used as a hand tool or in a machine tool, such as a milling machine or drill press. A typical reamer consists of a set of parallel straight or helical cutting edges along the length of a cylindrical body. Reamers must combine both hardness in the cutting edges, for long life, and toughness, so that the tool does not fail under the normal forces of use. Reamers are multi-fluted, end-c
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Threading Tools

By toolmaster300 at 2010-10-14 00:39:13
Threading is the process of creating a screw thread. More screw threads are produced each year than any other machine element. There are many threading processes including, cutting threads with a tap or die, thread milling, single-point thread cutting, thread rolling and forming, and thread grinding. A tap is used to cut a female thread on the inside surface of a pre-drilled hole, while a die cuts a male thread on a preformed cylindrical rod. A metalcutting tool used to form a thread on a part.
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By toolmaster300 at 2010-10-14 00:38:02
Endmills are those tools which have cutting teeth at one end, as well as on the sides. They are usually made from high speed steel or carbide, and have one or more flutes. They are the most common tool used in a vertical mill. An endmill is a type of milling cutter, a cutting tool used in industrial milling applications. The endmill cutters can generally cut in all directions, though some of the endmill cutters cannot cut axially. Endmills are used in milling applications such as profile milling
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Cutting Tools

By toolmaster300 at 2010-10-14 00:36:07
In the context of machining or mechanical operations, a cutting tool is any tool that is used to remove material from the workpiece by means of shear deformation. Cutting may be accomplished by single-point or multipoint tools. Single-point tools are used in turning, shaping, plaining and similar operations, and remove material by means of one cutting edge. Milling and drilling tools are often multipoint tools. Grinding tools are also multipoint tools.

Cutting tools must be made of a material
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